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2021 OTP Winter Program Video

Please enjoy this video featuring the ShopTalk sessions from the 2021 OTP Winter Program. A few of the participants share their thoughts about their experiences with the OTP Winter Program.

ShopTalk is a safe place where kids meet up to discuss just about anything while enjoying a haircut or a manicure. These particular ShopTalk events are directed by a mentor to get the conversations going, but everyone has a chance to share their thoughts and expand the conversation.

"Ultimately the bond of all companionship, whether in marriage or in friendship, is conversation." -Oscar Wilde

Watch all the way to the end to enjoy some silly laughter—giggling along is encouraged.

Thank you to Sunshine Gospel Ministries for organizing this hybrid event, Knox Productions for their video services, and to the barber and manicurist for bringing the style and the comforts of the shop.

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