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A Message to Sammie

Off the Pews: Faith in Action, Ltd., is the brain-child of Dr. Sammie Mae Dortch, inspired by a call from God. Sammie, who was always doing whatever she could to help others, received this call to do something that would inspire others to follow the example of Christ by getting off the pews of our churches and getting out into the streets to be with the people. Violence is so prevalent in the streets of Chicago, and it had become so much the norm, that people seemed to be oblivious to it. However, Sammie could see the trauma that resulted from that violence. It was creating a generation of children, particularly African American children, who were being left behind socially, economically, and educationally even more than they had been in the past. The problem was not being seriously addressed to her satisfaction, therefore, through prayer Off the Pews was born.

Off the Pews is a faith-based 501c3 organization that was organized in 2014 and Sammie was the Board of Directors’ President until her death on July 18, 2020. We have made every effort to carry on with her vision and the organization’s mission. There have been some successes and the Board has had to rethink or readjust some things. But, we carry on. However, we will always miss you Sammie and there will always be times when we wish you were still with us. Rest on in the arms of Jesus!



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