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Barbershop Talk | 2019

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

On Saturday, February 23, 2019, OTP winter program sponsored a simulated barbershop activity at the Hyde Park Art Center. Barbershops are often places where men share their joys and concerns about life. Thirty-one youth engaged in a facilitated dialogue on a variety of male-focused subjects related to the journey from boyhood to manhood. In addition to the rich dialogue, the youth received free haircuts. Warren Bell, owner of Small World Barbershop and two of his former students were the barbers who considered this activity as an opportunity to "giveback" to the community. 

From the youth's lips to OTP's ears! The richness of the sharing between the boys and men resulted in the youth requesting that the barbershop event be increased from an annual program to one offered quarterly, and so it is.


  1. Youth

  2. Educational Resources for all ages

  3. Faith

  4. Renewal

  5. Hope

  6. Healthy Living

...And so much more!

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