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The 2020 Virtual Summer Program Starts in July!

Registration is open for the Virtual Summer Program!

25 students will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis to participate in a fun summer program for learning and creative expression. All participants will receive a $200 stipend at the end of the summer, which is ultimately theirs to be used for whatever they desire. However, these funds will also be used to help them start their own bank accounts and think through investment and saving opportunities which they will learn more about through the weekly mandatory Financial Literacy presentation.

2 Tracks for Creativity (please select one of the three options below for participation):

  • In the Gardening Track, participants will work in the 5 Loaves Cooperative Virtual Garden to understand how fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs are grown and are delivered from farm to plate or products. The youth will farm 1 day a week in their own garden or container (some materials provided).

  • In the Art Track, participants will create artwork as part of the “Color of Food” art project (some materials provided) that will help them learn how to beautify the 5 Loaves Garden.

  • Participants who don’t want to choose between gardening and art are welcome to participate in both tracks

For additional details visit the 2020 Virtual Summer Program page. You can request a registration form from

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