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Today is the Last Day of the Virtual Summer Program

Today the last session will be online with the Hyde Park Art Center, and we will have one more post-program celebration on Saturday morning.

Here are a few highlights from the program:

In the first week of classes, Ms. Rolanda Johnson walked us through the many services offered by banks. She also explained the difference between simple and compound interest. Her slide show was very informative, and portions were interactive! She explained how to write a check, and a few participants were able to write their first (practice) checks.

Ms. Rolanda fielded some questions about how household expenses work—the kids were anxious to learn more.

Ms. Alex Herrera welcomed us to the second class in the series with the Hyde Park Art Center—a class held in tandem with their YBA (Youth Board of Artists) who contributed input during the course.

There were many highlights to this program, but Mr. Faheem Majeed's amazing artwork was the topic of the day and led to a deeper conversation about texture. Ms. Alex shared a video of an interview with Mr. Majeed (screen captures above and below).

During class some participants found objects with interesting textures and completed some of their own rubbings. They were encouraged to do some more.

As an aside...I encourage you to do a search engine photo search for "japanese manhole cover rubbings"—it's a thing many artists have done over the years because Japan's manhole covers are art pieces in their own right. If you know someone in Tokyo for the Olympics, maybe ask them to grab a piece of paper and crayon/chalk/charcoal to bring you a souvenir. While they are at it, they can do one for themselves of course. Ha!

Oh and...If you ever find yourself at Westminster Abbey in London, you have to check out their brass rubbings. Waaaay back in the day, you used to be able to do grave marker rubbings. As recently as 2009, I was able to do a rubbing in a specially designated area of WA set up for just that purpose. I'm not sure if Covid-19 restrictions have changed things, but if you ever have a chance, give it a go. Alternately, you can always take a sheet of black construction paper and a gold/silver/white crayon (paper peeled off) to the nearest cemetery with old headstones (the one's with complex engravings) and do a rubbing.

Back to class...

Sorry, Mr. Donnell, I wandered off course there for a moment.

Mr. Donnell Williams, our Program Director, kept us all on track and well informed about expectations and scheduling.

Ms. Mercy Barrial leading us through our warm-up at the beginning of our dance session.

In JUST four weeks the participants of the OTP Virtual Summer Program learned a one minute hip-hop number ending in a baby freeze! Some of OTP's participants had the baby freeze nailed after the first session!

Teaching artist, Jared Brown, led a session of the HPAC art class after the participants received their assignment to complete a texture rubbing on their own. Mr. Jared opened class by sharing his own rubbing on screen, and asked everyone to take a guess at what the source was.

Guesses included a coin and a tube, and Mr. Jared asked the students how they'd drawn their conclusions. The students talked about the rounded edges and the long straight sections in the rubbing. It was interesting to understanding how they were seeing the art and interpreting what they had seen.

As it turned out, he had done a rubbing of a cassette tape! That started a whole other conversation about antiques, and I felt old. Ha!

Mr. Jared asked the participants to share their rubbings, and Melanie shared hers (below).

Melanie explained that she had taken a rubbing of the surface of her bedside table. Although the screen capture adds a texture of its own, Melanie's rubbing did have some raised marks.

The conversation continued in an analysis of the artwork shared with us. Discussion about media (pencil, pen, crayon, charcoal, paper type and size), and subject matter.

The artwork shared moved on to drawings completed, and there was a theme: anime characters. There are some very fine artists in the bunch...

Brandon's art.

Melanie's Art

Christopher's Art

The very last dance session was held LIVE at Sunshine Gospel Ministries! DeJuan, Ashyia, and Nakya joined Ms. Mercy. Of course, because they were on location, they had to do it all...many times over! They did a great job!

Demonstrating the "baby freeze". Let's hear it for youthful exuberance, flexibility, and strength!

Thank you!

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