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Recent Program Wrap-Up


A Note from the President of Off The Pews

Off the Pews (OTP) completed the Summer Youth Program 2022 with 23 student participants.


There were two classes held for the summer session. “Discovering Your Superpowers”, facilitated by Rev. Tabrasia O’Neal, had the students focus on what they like to do, things they do well, and personal experiences. These discoveries were used to help them determine they have amazing potential and how it relates biblically to Scripture.


The “Photography” class, was taught by Ms. Veshante “Vee” Simms, who facilitated the class with space and equipment supplied by the Hyde Park Art Center (HPAC). This was an entry-level class that taught the basics of photography. The students had outdoor assignments that included visiting various locations in the Hyde Park neighborhood.


In addition, we were fortunate enough to have Mr. Robert Paige, a renowned textile artist and Mr. Kelvin Haizel, a Ghanaian artist—both in residence at the Hyde Park Art Center—who made themselves available and came in to speak to the kids and engage them in conversation. Mr. Paige even provided prints for them to practice painting after seeing some of his work.

The Summer Youth Program 2022 was a success, and a good time was had by everyone.  Many of the students are anticipating the next OTP program.

—Juanita Bradley, President, Off The Pews: Faith In Action

Thank you to the students, teachers, leaders and partners for participating and strengthening our community!


These programs would not be possible without the donations and contributions of the community. We deeply appreciate your generosity of financial support, time, spirit, and caring. Peace and blessings to you and yours.


Off The Pews: Faith in Action could not provide these programs without the support of generous donors. If you would like to support this program, please make a donation today!

Thank you!

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