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Agencies & Organizations Serving Seniors


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This is a directory of agencies, organizations and support groups serving Illinois seniors and their caregivers. Many of the following agencies, organizations, associations and centers are part of the Aging Network and are committed to serving seniors in a variety of ways. The directory covers many services, from Adult Day Service to Veterans' Homes.




Some of the services listed below are linked to Web sites, but most are linked to PDF documents, which require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open.

How to use the PDF lists:
In each list, the service providers are arranged, first, according to the Area Agency on Aging in which they fall, then by county served. (Some listings, such as those for Cook County, are arranged by township served.)To determine under which Area Agency you should look to find the services in your neighborhood, consult the Illinois map. Then return to this page, open a list, locate your local Area Agency and then your county/township.



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