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And We Have Art!

The kids who participated in the OTP 2020 Virtual Summer Program in July created some wonderful art!

Mia Gholar from the Hyde Park Art Center directed the art segment of the Virtual Summer Program. Donnell, Cheryl, and Shannon were there to see the results live during the Zoom session.

If any of the artists would like to tell us more about their creations, or provide us with clearer pictures, please email My apologies if I have misattributed any of the artist's names. I realize some of you may have been using someone else's computer, so please email any corrections to the same email address.

Art by Herchel.

Art by Elijah.

Art by Brian.

Art by Janyla.

Art by Mariah.

Art by Sydney.

Thank you Cheryl Benson and Donnell Williams for sharing your screen snaps with us!

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