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Be a Part of a Trauma Free World

Considering the impact of the news reported every evening, there is an argument to be made that we all need to be experts in helping in the healing process. Trauma Free World is an organization attempting to provide anyone interested in helping others with the tools and base knowledge to do so.

Off The Pews, in partnership with Cheryl Benson at WE ROCK, have access to a special registration discount. Read more about the upcoming training program below and reach out to Ms. Benson for the special rate coupon code.

Get registered today! The course starts in April!

"Trauma Free World is a community dedicated to helping people around the world heal from childhood trauma. We are headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA and offer training all around the world, as well as online for anyone with an internet connection or mobile phone. Trauma Free World partners with leading trauma researchers to adapt cutting edge trauma research into training that is accessible to all, regardless of literacy level, and applicable across cultures."

Trauma Free World offers training in Trauma Competent Care. Our advanced course curriculum consists of nine modules of training:
  • Module 1 - Trauma and Its Impact on the Life of a Person

  • Module 2 - Understanding Trauma and Age-Related Development

  • Module 3 - Building Resilience

  • Module 4 - Maximizing Felt Safety

  • Module 5 - Reducing Overwhelming Emotions and Building Connection

  • Module 6 - Modifying Overwhelming Behaviors

  • Module 7 - Supporting Healthy Relationships

  • Module 8 - Developing a Strength-Based Understand of Story

  • Module 9 - Self Care - Taking Care of Ourselves While Caring for Others

Our course at The Compass will be April 28 - 30 from 9am - 4pm each day. Lunch is included. The sign up link is here:

If you decide to register for this excellent training course, please contact Cheryl Benson at cherylbenson76 at for a coupon code that will deeply discount the registration fee ($350 down to just $50!).

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