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Book Recommendation: The Firebrand and the First Lady

This book recommendation is coming to you via a 3rd person (Nan) from Rev. Harriet Dart. Authored by Patricia Bell-Scott, and originally published in February 2016.

"A groundbreaking book—two decades in the works—that tells the story of how a brilliant writer-turned-activist, granddaughter of a mulatto slave, and the first lady of the United States, whose ancestry gave her membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution, forged an enduring friendship that changed each of their lives and helped to alter the course of race and racism in America.

"Pauli Murray first saw Eleanor Roosevelt in 1933, at the height of the Depression, at a government-sponsored, two-hundred-acre camp for unemployed women where Murray was living, something the first lady had pushed her husband to set up in her effort to do what she could for working women and the poor. The first lady appeared one day unannounced, behind the wheel of her car, her secretary and a Secret Service agent her passengers. To Murray, then aged twenty-three, Roosevelt’s self-assurance was a symbol of women’s independence, a symbol that endured throughout Murray’s life." Read more on

Rev. Dart provided this link to Pauli Murray's bio located on the Yale University, Pauli Murray College website:

Explore Pauli Murray's bibliography, timeline, and much more at the Pauli Murray Center for History and Social Justice website:

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