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OTP Winter Program - Feb 27th Class

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Theme for the day: Black and white with contrasting color

Ms. Chloe asked the students to share the accent color they'd selected to accompany black/white, and the reasons they selected their accent color.

Color selections from some of the students:

Michael - green representing wealth, money and success

Eva - yellow representing happiness

Navaeh - pink representing fun

Brandon - red, just because

Jonathan - red representing depth

Nakya - red "because I like it" (photo in slide show)

Marvin - green representing nature

Antonio - red, just because

Ashyia - blue "makes me think of my mom" (photo in slide show)

Abby - blue representing freedom like the ocean and the sky, and sadness (photo in slide show)

A note from Ms. Chloe for the March 6th class: The theme will be "Family & Friends" so bring items about your family and friends that you would like to use in your collage.

Please watch this space for updates as students finish their work and provide photos and more information about the inspiration for their work. There are many collages in development we hope to share with you soon.

Thank you.

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