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Summer Program Feedback

Thank you for clicking through to read more feedback about the Summer Program.

The survey was emailed to all 26 participants in the July program.

Here is some of the feedback—additional responses may be available in the future. As of the day the screen captures were taken (August 27th), we had received 11 responses.

The full report (as of August 27th) is posted below:

Copy of Post-Event Feedback Survey - Sur
Download • 67KB

Summaries of Report Slideshows

The first slideshow addresses the question "What did you dislike about the program?"

Respondent 1 of 10 is visible in the report. Three respondents disliked the early morning start to the programming. Four respondents replied, "No, nothing or N/A." One respondent replied, "Zoom." And one respondent said, "I wish it was in person." We agree! Having time together is important to us all, and we are looking forward to being in community together again someday!

The second slideshow addresses the question "Was there any information that would have been helpful to know before [the] program began?

Respondent 1 of 9 is visible in the report. All other respondents replied in the negative with respondent 8 of 9 adding, "Nope. It was basically all that I expected it to be."

Congratulations to the myriad teachers, community leaders and organizers, the mentors, the technicians, the committees and, of course, the donors who made this program happen!

Thank you to the participants in the program and the respondents who provided this feedback!

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