For participants to get the greatest benefit from this program, we ask that participants abide by the following:


You will be sent Zoom links for classes. Please check your email to ensure you have received them.

Attendance of each class of all programs is mandatory.

Classes will allow you join five (5) minutes prior to the start of class. Please join prior to the beginning of class.

Only names from the class rosters will be allowed entry into a Zoom session, so please use the name you're registered under. A parent or guardian's name can be substituted, but the program coordinator must be notified in advance.

Treat Zoom classes like learning environments.

  • Please find a quiet room to participate in your Zoom class.

  • You will be required to keep your video on at all times.

  • Background noise can interrupt or disrupt all participants. If you cannot eliminate background noises, please mute your session.

  • Remove or minimize all visual and audible distractions around you.

  • Please refrain from being outdoors when participating in your Zoom class. Wind and moving background objects can be a distraction to you and others on the call.

  • Please mute your mobile phone during the session, and ignore all phone calls, texts and other alerts that occur during your Zoom session.


Please remain on the Zoom call until the session has completed.

If your device freezes or shuts down, please retry entry. Someone will reconnect you shortly.

Video chat apps can be data intensive. If you are using mobile data, please make sure your data plan is adequate to continue on the calls.

Note that if you are using other streaming apps and other video applications, such as Youtube, Netflix, Hulu and online gaming, interference from these applications can seriously degrade your Zoom session. This is especially true if you are using a Wifi connection.